Joined in Spirit

The deep desire to fully connect with Life was born into me. I showed up hot wired to love, but I squandered this gift in a relentless attempt to find absolute security in an absolutely insecure world. I developed a whole slew of beliefs and concepts about what I must do to win your love and respect and live happily ever after. Unknowingly, these old ideas separated myself from you, my Higher Power and from life itself. I sensed I was all alone in a cold, cruel world.

I chased money, power and prestige like my parents, teachers, and the celebrities I saw in People Magazine. For a few years, like Bill, I felt I was winning the game of life, but even during the best times, I had the nagging sense something was missing. I drank against this dis-ease for thirty years.

Fortunately I was blessed with the disease of alcoholism. God had me right where he wanted - recover or die. Something in me chose life and I was led to our spiritual fellowship. You taught me by loving example how to live life on life’s terms. Today, thanks to spiritual power in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous, I am a stand-up guy. I show up for others. I try to do the right thing.

When I first got sober one of the old timers used to talk about the spiritual love we alcoholics have for one another. Today I know what he means. As I continue to let go of my old ideas, my connection with life grows. It’s simply a wonderful way to live.