Experiencing God

The St. Francis prayer asks God to make me a channel of peace. I picture a pipe running through the center of my being that connects me to a mighty reservoir. When my pipe is open I experience love, wisdom, and abundance. When my pipe is blocked I experience restlessness, irritability and discontent. The twelve steps are like Drain-o for my spiritual pipe. The steps deflate ego, melt away self-centered fear and allow the cool, clear peaceful water to flow through me out into the world. Being of service, both in and out of the rooms, keeps my channel open and flowing.

God for me is an experience, not an idea. With my channel open I experience God in many moments throughout the day. I see the light come on in a new comer’s eyes. I watch a hawk floating above the hills where I hike. I’m caught by the the boundless joy of the little three year old girl who lives next door. I experience God when I get to the other side of a fearful experience and see that God was right with me the whole way. With my channel open, I become God’s expression -- a force for good in the world.

If I don’t feel connected to my HP, it isn’t God who moved. It’s me. God, as I misunderstand God, works in my life 24 and 7, but I forget God is present right here and now. Thankfully you guys have given me a whole bunch of tools to clean out my channel and keep the power flowing.