A little voice has been nagging me to get some resolutions down on paper for 2016. Specifically, the voice wants to know what I will do to improve my connection with my HP, better carry the message and practice more love and tolerance in my life. Right now 2016 is a clean canvas. What do I want my life’s painting to look like a year from now?

Like any good alcoholic, I want more — more abundance, more creativity, more joy. I want a richer, fuller, more peaceful life. I want to deepen my connection with others, both in and out of the rooms. I do not have the power to bring about these changes myself, but God does. I know from countless experiences when I turn up the volume of my program, I get closer to God and change happens naturally.

Just thinking about the changes I’d like to see next year and writing them down sets the wheel in motion, but the key, as usual, is willingness. What am I willing to do to continue to grow along spiritual lines? Is it time for another run through the steps? Might I increase my number of meetings? Try out some new meetings? Take a service new position? Should I spend more time in prayer and meditation? Focus on becoming more aware of some of my pesky character defects? I know that positive changes result whenever I demonstrate my willingness to grow. Nothing is wasted in God’s world.

Right now my life is pretty darn good. It’s easy for me to get caught in the comfort zone when things are going my way. But like you told me when I was new, “If you are completely comfortable in Alcoholics Anonymous, you are doing it wrong.” I intend my resolutions for the coming year to keep me out of the comfort zone and bring about the changes that allow more goodness to come into my life and the lives of those around me.