The Gift of Faith

Today, as a result of consistently living the AA way of life, I enjoy a faith that works in all conditions. This does not mean my life is problem free, but today I have a sense I can get through whatever life has in store for me. This is not blind faith, but a faith born of my living experience in Alcoholics Anonymous. Armed with faith, I've walked through job loss, financial uncertainty and the death of my wife. Today I can hardly remember the man who spent the day drinking alone in his darkened apartment paralyzed with fear.

Kenny Rogers sings, "You got to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em." Faith for me is intuitively knowing how to handle situations which used to baffle me.  Faith is spiritual intuition.  Today I am much better at listening to the small voice within that guides, directs and protects me. I sense when it is better to speak up and when to keep my mouth shut. I have a clearer idea of when to accept what's happening and when to muster the courage to try and change. Faith is non-stop guidance that not only keeps me out of most trouble, but guides me out of every mess I get myself into. My part is simply to get quiet, listen and be willing to follow the guidance I receive. This isn't always the case. Like Frank Sinatra, my ego still wants to do life "My Way."

The biggest dividend of faith is less fear. I can't be in faith and fear at the same time. I create every problem in my life when I react in fear instead of responding in faith. When I am in fear I block spiritual intuition. Then I'm back to running on Jeff's old ideas with predictable consequences. Without fear running my life I am comfortable in my own skin. I run toward life instead of trying to run away from it.

Living in faith, I've found a new freedom and a new happiness. All I have to do to receive the gift of faith is continue to take the actions you suggested in my first week: trust God, clean house and help others. It's a hell of a deal.