A Fabulous New Year!

My recovery is nothing I did. It is everything God did. It was God who supplied the willingness to reach out to a therapist and asked for help. It was God that graced me with a moment of clarity and a glimpse of truth about what I had become. It was God who supplied the motivation for me to sign up for the treatment center even though I wasn’t sure I was an alcoholic. It was God that had me walking through the doors to my first AA meeting in 1994. These God Shots have continued for the last 24+ years. If I keep doing what I’m doing, I fully expect them to continue throughout my life.

Keeping it fresh for me is about new sobriety friends, sponsorship and deeper understanding of spiritual principles. Yesterday I had the honor of giving my best sobriety buddy a 41-year chip. I watched him walk through some unpleasant stuff during the past year, but he didn’t drink. Instead he picked up a newcomer and went to a meeting every day. Two months ago, I snagged a willing newcomer. He reminds me of myself when I was new. God supplied me with the desire to get what you guys have had and the power to do what you did. The new man doesn’t need prodding or prompting. He’s enthusiastic about his recovery and he’s beginning to see the benefits. Both men are joys in my life.

My intention for the coming year is to continue to change and grow. I will continue to ask for help from God by attending meetings, putting my hand out to newcomers, practicing principles to the best of my ability and being of service wherever I can. I intend to explore new meetings and make new sobriety friends. I’ll continue to share my ESH with you guys on a weekly basis. I know from experience that my willingness to continue to take the actions you suggested to me when I was new will result in another fabulous year.