Design for Daily Living

 It took me a while in AA to realize that “restored to sanity” meant God was going to restore me to a fit spiritual condition like I was before I left the home office to begin my life on earth. Today I think of sanity as order, balance, and harmony. When I’m paying attention I can see the absolute perfection of creation. I see that day follows night; the planets in perfect alignment; the tides right on schedule. I figure that any power that can keep the universe in perfect harmony can certainly handle my puny little life. If order, balance and harmony is my true nature, why don’t I experience my life this way?

I learned that my perception is filtered by the old fearful ideas I'm carrying inside my head.  These ideas cause me to react in fearful, unloving ways and cause all the trouble there is. Our book is clear. We must let go of these old ideas. Absolutely. But how? Years ago our dear Louise shared a simple but powerful design for daily living: Show up, pay attention, do the next indicated thing, stay out of results, be grateful.

I show up by living in the present moment with the willingness to do what is suggested. I pay attention by getting quiet and listening for the still small voice inside me. I do the next right thing by following the guidance I receive, even if I don’t want to. I let go of results by not having any expectation of how my actions will turn out. I practice an attitude of gratitude by being constantly aware of all the blessings I receive each day.  Along with the Twelve Steps, this simple plan has allowed me to let go of old ideas and make room for God to work in my life.  

My life is pretty darn good today. More and more I feel like I'm being carried along by the river of life. I have the faith I’ll be given whatever I need to get through whatever life throws at me. I continue to have challenges but solutions appear effortlessly. Since I no longer worry very much, I no longer have to try and control people and events. Consequently, I go through life with a sense of ease and comfort and, like the promise says, I enjoy a new freedom and a new happiness. 

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