Recently I heard a man share that his alcoholism has a PhD in cunning. Boy, can I identify. My disease will try absolutely any trick in the book to get me to believe that my recovery is something I did, that I have this thing handled and I no longer need any spiritual help. We all know where this stinking thinking can lead.

Fortunately, I enjoy a solid relationship with the God of my own misunderstanding. Today I have the faith that if I do my part, God will get me through any problem life throws at me. This faith is not based on the ideas in my head, but on my living experiences. Time and time again, just when I begin to believe all is lost, God, in one of a million disguises, rushes in to save the day. I’ve become so aware of these miracles that today I’ve grown to expect them.

Recently I was traveling in Southeast Asia. My lady friend and I were making a flight to Northern Thailand for some hiking in the mountains. When we got to the airport I couldn’t find our flight of the departures board. I didn’t know what to do, but I didn’t panic. A moment later God, disguised as a gray-haired Thai man in a suit, came up to us and asked if we had a problem. I showed him our ticket and realized we were at the wrong airport! He said the other airport was too far away to make our flight, but he directed us to another airline that had a flight leaving in a few minutes. We had to pay a little extra for the new flight, but we arrived on time without missing a beat.

These “coincidences” happen daily. Most are not as dramatic, but all are obvious signs that God is working in my life, that our relationship is solid. They simply would not happen if I'm still drinking and living in self-centered fear. No way.