Enlightened Self - Interest

Being of service in AA is all about me. It's about my sobriety, my learning, and my growth. In a very real way our program is built upon the principle of enlightened self interest. In the process of helping others I receive real benefits. When I am passing on the message of hope, joy and love, my life becomes more hopeful, joyful, and loving. When I'm working with another drunk I, am reinforcing my own learning. Whatever it is I'm trying to pass on is the very stuff I'm trying to learn. If another person benefits, its just icing on the birthday cake.

My grand sponsor used to say that God always balances the books. Whenever I put out into the universe comes back to me as my own experience. If I extend my hand in welcome, there is another hand somewhere welcoming me. When I'm taking the actions to connect with a still suffering alcoholic, my life feels more fulfilling. It's simply a wonderful way to live.

I'm coming to believe that the true nature of the universe is unconditional love. I have not yet learned how to love without conditions, but I believe that every day I carry the intention of being of service into my daily activities, I'm heading in the right direction.