Free Will?

I wonder why it is called "free" will? When I use my free will to make wrong choices it can get very expensive!

I'm coming to believe that whatever I give my attention to will eventually govern my life. If I don't give my attention to anything in particular then nothing in particular will come into my life. I will live in uncertainty.

The Steps help me focus my attention on becoming the kind of person I was meant to be. As I continue to apply the steps in my life, I am able to let go of the false parts -- my anger, bitterness, resentment, spite and self pity. Since nature abhors a vacuum, kindness, concern, appreciation, forgiveness and love automatically rush in to fill the void. Little by little I am changed.

Before God graced me with a moment of clarity I gave my attention to the material world of making money and acquiring possessions. What I am coming to understand is that the material world is constantly changing and shifting. There is no real security. It's like building a house on sand.Giving my attention to these things sooner or later will bring me unhappiness, poverty and ill health.

But if I use my free to focus my attention on my program by practicing the spiritual principles contained in the Steps, I am led again and again to spiritual understanding and growth. Now I am building my house on firm bedrock and my life feels useful and contented.