May you find Him NOW! I was taught I can't have a spiritual experience then. It has to be now. I can't live on yesterday's grace. My HP sends me today's grace today. Each day, if I'm quiet and paying attention, I receive the instructions on how to make the most of my life for this day only. I can't practice yesterday's instructions today, and tomorrow's instructions will be different because by tomorrow absolutely everything in the universe will have changed.

My HP supplies me with freshly baked bread every day. Why would I want to eat the stale bread left over from yesterday or last week? But that's exactly what I do when I ignore my quiet time. I try to live off yesterdays inspiration or intuition. Soon I wonder why life doesn't feel so good.

I can't hear today's instructions if I am reliving yesterday's fears and resentments. I must start each day with a clean slate and not let what happened yesterday spoil today. I must let go and forgive at all costs or pay the price.

In this moment I have everything I need. More trouble comes when I project into the future. There I am alone without power because my HP exists only now. It helps me to remember to just do "the next indicated or right thing." If I don't know what the next indicated thing is I do one of these things: go to a meeting, take an inventory, call a couple of alcoholics, put my hand out to a newcomer, read the book, be grateful for something and try to turn it all over. I also try to remember that I can start my day over at any time.