Right on Schedule!

My first sponsor had a saying that used to drive me crazy. After I'd be whining about one facet of my life or another he'd say "looks like you are right on schedule!" I'd be thinking to myself, "on schedule for what?" Was there a secret AA schedule that nobody told me about? Of course being a know-it-all, I couldn't simply ask him what it meant so I just pretended I understood. It sounded wise so I began repeating it to my sobriety pals when they were talking about how crappy their lives were. "Looks like you are right on schedule," I'd say with a knowingly smile. None of them ever asked what it meant either.

It took a while, but I finally came to realize that I am always right on schedule. I am always in the exact right place for my highest and best good. At every moment, my thoughts, words and deeds are moving me toward a drink or away from one. Either way, I'm right on schedule!

I've found there's no such thing as standing still in recovery. I'm either moving toward my HP or away from it. The direction I'm heading depends entirely on my willingness to grow and to demonstrate that willingness by doing what is suggested by the AA program.

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