It is not possible for me to stay in the present moment if my life is out of balance. When too much of my attention and energy is directed to one aspect of my life to the exclusion of the others I lose the sense of order and harmony and my peace of mind gives way to anger, jealousy and fear. If I am nursing a resentment, caught up in the desire for more, more, more, or if I am afraid of what might happen, or might not happen, tomorrow, then It doesn't matter how many times I say the Third Step prayer, it won't help.

I try to remember that the Third Step is only a decision. I have to work the rest of the steps to see where my instincts for sex, society and emotional and financial security continue to warp me. I share my awareness with another, identify character defects and clean up any mess I've caused. It is this continuous process that restores me to "conscious unity" with my Higher Power. In this state balance returns, I instinctively make better choices and I am once again ready to be of maximum service to others.