Lying, Cheating, Stealing

When I was new I remember hearing a guy say "the more sober I get, the better people treat me!" I didn't really understand it then, but it seemed to be logical so I've been repeating it throughout my sobriety.

Recently I have come to believe that more than logic is involved. It's one of those spiritual laws or "axioms" that what I put out into the world will sooner or later come back to me as my own experience. It's an exact law. To the very extent that I lie, so will I be lied to. Same with cheating, stealing, gossiping (character assassination), abusing power in a position of authority, and all the other "sins" I have committed in my ignorance.

It's hard for me to see this law at work in my life, because the payback rarely comes immediately, but sometime later. It's a good way for me to explain how "bad" things can happen to "good" people.

Because its a law it works the other way too. I receive love, respect, help, kindness, etc. from others in the same amount that I put out into the universe. By trying to the best of my ability to practice the spiritual ideals of the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, I create a better life for myself.