Fourth Dimension

When I was a couple of years sober I asked my grand sponsor with 30+ years why it seemed that some people with serious time on the program stopped coming to meetings. "Do they all go out and drink?" I asked. He said "Some probably do and some get just well enough to stay sober without the meetings." And then I asked him why he keeps coming back and he said, "some people are satisfied with one bite of the cake, some people are satisfied with one piece of the cake, but as for me... I want the whole damn cake."

The fourth dimension for me is the "whole damn cake." It is becoming totally free of all my old ideas and restored to my spiritual condition -- the way I was when I was hatched, before my mind was filled with all kinds of lies perpetrated by well-meaning but ignorant and fearful human beings living a purely human life. Their programming of me was quite thorough. And although anything's possible, I don't see my rocket ship breaking through to the Fourth Dimension anytime soon.

But I keep coming back anyways. Even though I don't have the excitement of experiencing life in another dimension. I do have a useful and contented sobriety and my life seems to get ever so slightly better each year. I want the whole damn cake too!