When I say the St. Francis prayer I petition God to allow me to be his channel or instrument. If I am properly connected to God I never have to worry that I, myself, don't possess peace, love, forgiveness, and all the other qualities, because I'm connected to an unlimited supply of everything good in the world. But if my ego closes off my channel and the connection is broken, then I'm running on Jeff power, which I have proved to my complete satisfaction is really no power at all.

In my way of thinking, Bill and Bob and all the other old timers did not found and build AA, God did. These folks were just instruments that God used to create a force for good in the world. In the same manner, God worked through Bill and some of the others to create the Big Book, the 12x12, Traditions, etc. It has to be this way. Nothing that is spiritual in nature can be created by man working alone.

In creating the Traditions through Bill God must have realized that folks like me with super-sized egos and unlimited free will would eventually bring the house down. So to me the Traditions are the safeguard of the AA program. The glue that holds our various and sundry egos in check. This is probably just as true today as it was 70 years ago. When the traditions are read what I try to remember is that I'm part of a sacred mission as the true representative of my Higher Power. Anonymity reminds me to give all credit to God because of myself I am nothing.