Personality Change

If you say you don't like me, it's my personality you don't like. It's the part of me I present to the world. The dictionary says my personality is the total of my attitudes, interests, behaviors, emotional responses, social roles and other traits. Certainly each one of these has changed for the better in me over the last eleven years and continues to change. If my whole attitude and outlook has changed, how can my personality not change? Won't more nutritious soil produce more beautiful flowers?

I'm sure that my personality is much more agreeable today than it was even a few years ago. Then I was a writhing mass if ISMs: sarcasm, negativism, big shotism, know-it-allism and a whole bunch more... I meant well, but by this time my character defects were in full bloom. I was toxic with a capital "T" and couldn't understand why I was having such a hard time with relationships.

Through AA I learned that there is more to me than my personality. There is a part of me that is divine, sacred and totally loving. When I am coming from this place I experience peace, harmony, unity and abundance. This is my spiritual condition that I pray to be restored to in Step 2.

I realize that this restoration project will not be completed in my lifetime, but as long as I remain willing, open-minded and honest more and more of the beauty of life will be revealed to me.