Heartfelt Gratitude

They told me when I was new that a truly grateful alcoholic doesn't pick up the first drink. Not one who pays lip service to gratitude, but one who is constantly giving thanks from the heart. I aspire to that level of gratitude, it's a great insurance policy and one that pays handsome dividends.

I'm coming to believe that when I send out heartfelt thanks to the Universe for the blessings I receive, somehow a divine energy is triggered and the Universe responds by giving me even more blessings. If I want abundance in my life (which, by the way, I do) then I gotta be grateful for all that I already have.

I've had my share of pain and loss in my life. It's sure easy for me to forget that I get sent these challenges to help me grow. But as soon as I can see my part and begin to understand the lesson, the pain goes away (well, almost.) It would be a stretch to say I was grateful for the pain, but I am truly grateful for the lessons and to AA for giving me the tools to learn from the experience.