To be perfectly honest, I'm not entirely sure what a "spiritual" life is. I read the answer a famous guru gave to the question, "what's a spiritual life?" He said "when you are hungry, eat and when you are tired, sleep."

I was taught by my first sponsor that spirituality is a gift from God. I suppose this means that I could completely withdraw from the world and sit atop the most beautiful mountain and meditate and pray for the rest of my days, but I wouldn't be spiritual unless God gave me the gift.

It seems I can't make myself "spiritual." The best I can do is to become that channel that St. Francis takes about in his prayer so God can do his thing through me. If I've got the channel open I'm expressing God, not me, in every moment of my life -- work, home , play, sex, and AA. Then it's God's love, forgiveness, understanding and comfort flowing through me. I shouldn't try and take credit for any of it.

I'm really grateful for the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. It provided clear cut instructions on how I could open my channel and how I can keep it open. All I have to be was willing, honest and open minded.

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