Long before I crossed the line into active alcoholism I read a little book called Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Jonathan began his spiritual journey because he just could not stand the way the other seagulls fought, clawed and scratched over bits of food and garbage and the way the larger, more powerful seagulls ripped the food out of the beaks of smaller gulls. I was just like those seagulls, except after a full day of fighting over scraps, I needed a few drinks to relax and then a few more...

I did not begin my spiritual journey, like Jonathan, because I became disgusted with the human condition. I could have cared less. No, It was only by the grace of my Higher Power, whispering to me that there was a better way to live, that started me out. Without this moment of clarity that led me to spiritual solution the program of Alcoholics Anonymous provides, I'd still be crawling on the floor to get a few crumbs all the while ignoring the overflowing banquet table that has been set in my honor.

It's taken a while, but just like the old timers promised when I first came in, I've come to the point where being restored to the sanity of my spiritual condition is the most important thing in my life today. More important than than any of my possessions.

It's funny that all I've really done to get to this place is to put my sobriety first in my life. Sobriety is my priority, all this other stuff just comes naturally.

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