Our Story

Bill's story is my story and your story. It's the universal story of the Prodigal Son found in the bible.

I wandered away from beauty of God's house convinced that I could go it alone. I enjoyed some early success which gave me the feeling that I didn't need God in my life. Left to my own ideas my living experience became progressively worse. Finally I arrive at the point of desperation (I woke up in a pig pen, eating what the pigs left behind). I receive God's grace. I become willing to humble myself if only God would take me back as a servant. God is overjoyed at my decision and welcomes me home with open arms.

There is always a great deal of spirited discussion on the subject of whether or not we alcoholics should be grateful to be alcoholics. I for one am grateful to have this disease. Without this life threatening soul sickness, I'm not sure I could have arrived at the point of utter desperation necessary for me to become willing to try another way. I believe God made me an alcoholic so I could find Him again through Alcoholics Anonymous.