Sobriety Is Enough

I may have no program and I may be toxic and I may be angry as hell and I may be creating serious wreckage, but if I ain't drinking, then I'm living life on life's terms and at least I have a chance. A chance to be healed. A chance at a better life.

If I'm an alcoholic and I ain't drinking then I have a chance to get to the point where things like getting enough exercise and which church fulfills me spiritually is important. But I can't get to this point without sobriety. Sobriety is my first priority all the other items on my To do list follows.

I can evaluate the quality of my life, or the quality of my program, or the quality of my relationship with God and my fellows. But to me there's no such thing as "bad" sobriety so the words "good sobriety" are redundant. Sobriety in and of itself is good thing.

When I was new I had no spiritual solution. All the cells of my body and brain were saturated with alcoholism. The voices were screaming for some relief. My sobriety in those days was good, very good. How do I know this? Because I didn't drink.

Sobriety is good regardless of what our outside circumstances look like or what we share in AA meetings. Whether someone's sobriety looks pretty to you is not important. I think it's better that you get another day sober even if it requires you to puke your self will all over me and the rest of the group.

I've heard some folks share smugly "just not drinking is not good enough for me." Oh really? Well it would be plenty good for all those miserable souls out there that can't seem to get this thing.

If you're alcoholic, sobriety is good. Cause if I have sobriety, I have a chance.

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