Faith, Not Belief

If you saw me at the grocery store during the last eight months of my drinking you probably wouldn’t think anything was wrong. You might have noticed that I was carrying twenty extra pounds of bloat around my midsection and if you looked closely, you might have seen those little red veins were beginning to pop out on the sides of my nose, but you never would have guessed that I was dead inside, just going through the motions pretending to be alive. Actually I didn’t think there was much wrong with me either that a new job wouldn’t fix. I was hopeless and didn’t know it. Such was the depth of my denial.

Then one day something happened. In one second of time -- before I asked God for help, before I had a sponsor, before I worked the steps, even before I attended my first meeting -- my whole life changed. The obsession to drink was lifted right out of me. I have searched ?cannot find any plausible explanation for what happened. It was a moment of grace. Since I was literally raised from the dead, I choose to call it a miracle.

This profound experience is the bedrock of my faith. I don’t believe a benevolent power exists that has my best interest at heart, I know it. Because a belief is a concept of mind, it can easily be shaken by doubt. Mine is a living faith, it is alive in me and nothing can challenge it.