The Truth of We

I travel through the steps and awaken from the dream of me--my ego’s fearful idea of who I am and how life is supposed to work--to the truth of We. I put my big toe inside the circle of “One” who has all power. I begin to see through the veils of illusion I constructed to be safe in the world. Those flimsy walls Chuck C. called “conscious separation from.” I start to look past our differences and see the similarities. I drop my need to be right since it must make you wrong. My will to compete with you fades because I sense, for the first time, there is more than enough of everything to go around.

I practice Step 12 to keep from falling back asleep, back into the dream of grasping for people and things to keep my fear at bay, back into the dream that life will be great as soon as I learn to manage it better. I connect with truth by holding out my hand to others just as so many reached out their hands to me. I continue to hack away at my character defects knowing that each one leads to a false belief that serves only to keep me from experiencing unity with all that is. When I’m practicing there is no better place than here and no better time than now.