I don't have to take a number, sit down and wait. I have everything I need to be happy, joyous and free now, right this moment. The peace and stillness I seek is already here. Love, forgiveness, compassion--it's all here too. It's with me 24 and 7. It stays awake when I go to sleep. I don't need to seek, strive and struggle for these qualities in the faulty belief they would make a better more, happier version of me. They are already here.

I forget this simple truth and one more time I'm off on another run trying to find my happiness in achievement, other people and even spiritual growth. It's like I'm looking for my car keys that are right in my pocket. I searched my whole life for more happiness, more peace, and more joy never knowing it was here the whole time, like a silver grail hanging from a tree in my heart. It's such a freedom when I remember there's nothing that I have to do. Just being is enough.

Since I am already whole in every way, there's no need to learn anything new, there are no lofty spiritual truths to get my head around. If anything, I might want to unlearn everything I think is true (but even this is unnecessary). Bill called this letting go of our old ideas. If I am struggling I can be sure that an old idea is working inside of me, blocking me. At these times I need only the willingness to see through the present appearance of my life to the truth behind it all--that it's all OK, even the painful yucky stuff. When I do, I remember life is perfect just the way it is. If it was supposed to be different, it would be.