Life Prayer

Years ago I heard the minister of a new age church say, "your prayer life is important, but equally important is your life prayer." I'm beginning to understand what she meant.

My life prayer is my thoughts, words and deeds, in that order. Every thought I think has the creative potential to change my life. It can make my living experience better or worse. A thought can heal and it can destroy. I have millions of thoughts. Most of them are useless, but a few have the power to create. Only thoughts with enough energy behind them are trans-formative. I energize a thought by saying it out loud and then taking action.

Before I cared about growing along spiritual lines, I allowed myself to think all kinds of negative thoughts. Then I gave the thoughts power by saying them out loud. One of my favorite expressions used to be “life is a shit sandwich and it’s always lunch time!” I gave the prayer energy by acting negatively: greedy, resentful, cynical, ad infinitum. With this mind set, is it any wonder my life swirled down the toilet?

I’ve found just saying I’m grateful to be sober, even in prayer, doesn’t do too much. My life changes for the better when I demonstrate my gratitude. I can be of service to my group, put my hand out to a newcomer or put an extra buck in the basket. It’s the same with willingness. It is not enough to say I’m willing to go to any lengths. I must do something that demonstrates my willingness. When I act on my thoughts and words I energize my life prayer. Then the power flows in—a mighty power. And I get to stay sober for another day.