Peace of Mind

I'm coming to believe that peace of mind is the essence of spirituality. My higher power resides in deep silence. I can't hope to establish much conscious contact if my mind is jumping around like an ant in a hot pot. It's clear to me that the whole purpose of the Steps is to get my mind to relax--to help me find some interior peace regardless of how chaotic my life is on the outside.

In steps one through three I begin to relax when realize I no longer have to go through life alone, on my own power, which I secretly fear is no power at all. I begin to learn that I can let go a little without falling into the abyss. In steps four and five I start to empty out the guilt and shame I drank against all my life. By sharing my so-called "sins" with another, I see that I am not really much worse or much better than anyone else. As I become "right sized" I relax a little more.

In steps six and seven I see that the roots of all my character defects are of the self-centered fears. My continued willingness to look honestly at these fears causes them to wither and eventually die. And the voices of my demons die with them. Eight and nine gets me on an equal footing with the world. I begin to look people in the eye instead of down at their shoes. As my need for approval fades, I can let go of my exhausting need to control. Step ten makes the practice of these relaxation techniques a well-worn habit.

Practicing the steps dissolves guilt, worry, fear and anger. My mind becomes as peaceful as a sunlit beach. I lie on the warm sand with the sound of sea gently lapping the shore. I feel the presence of my Higher Power and at one with the universe.