When I was new I heard someone in a meeting describe my ego this way: a huge towering fortress with twelve foot thick, steel reinforced brick walls built around ... nothing. Through the years I've proven to myself that this person was right. When I look look inside to try and find my ego, I can't. There's nothing solid there, just a few "old ideas" -- faulty beliefs that have been running my life for as along as I can remember. Beliefs about who I am, how I can be safe and secure in the world and what everyone else should do to make me happy. When I'm inside my fortress I separate myself from you and God. Unity is impossible.

In "How It Works" I learn that I must let go of these old false beliefs absolutely. The steps provide the way to do this if I am willing. Letting go of these lifelong beliefs -- dismantling my fortress -- has been a slow, often painful, process. On some days it feels like I've made very little progress, but on others I get brief glimpses of freedom. I feel what life is like when I no longer have to drag the chains of ego through each day. During these moments I can see that there is only one Source and we are all brothers and sisters.