God's Will

The book says God’s will is for everyone is to be happy, joyous and free, to be unconditionally loving and kind, but those are just words. God’s will is what is happening here and now. But I can’t see the truth of this moment because I’m still looking at life through the filter of my faulty beliefs. So coming up with a vision is no easy job for me.

The only hint I have of God’s will that feels right comes from looking at the flowers in our garden. I can’t tell if the flowers are happy or joyous, but they are certainly free. They don’t struggle. They seem totally unconcerned about what the other flowers think about them. They seem to know how to respond naturally to life in each moment. When the earth rotates causing the sun to fall on them from a different direction, the flowers don’t get all upset. They simply turn their faces face gently toward the sun. Flowers live the most beautiful lives they can. When it’s time, they pass away without a fuss.

Observing the flowers leads me to believe that God's vision for me is to be free, to live without struggle and not to worry about what other people think. God wants me to return to my natural state; to learn to respond to life rather than react; to stay out of the future and just do the next thing in front of me in each moment; and to finally realize that that death is nothing to fear. If carried this vision into all my activities, how could I not be happy, joyous and free?